Our Process

At CSG we ensure efficiency through our innovative processes and practices.

After more than 30 years in the industry, we have learned how to refine our processes to ensure you are receiving the best service for the best price. Our innovations, along with our proprietary software, allow us to provide a service that is efficient, thorough, all while remaining accountable and transparent. You can be confident knowing the professionals at CSG are providing you the best possible service for your needs.



Reengineering The Cleaning Process

Just in the last few years the way facilities should be maintained has completely changed, is continues to change at a rapid pace. At CSG, we stay on top of those ever changing standards and conditions.

Our professionally trained team at CSG will ensure your spaces are always exceeding the expectations and standards that are in place. Our services are custom engineered to provide your unique facility the care and attention required to ensure a clean and healthy environment.



CAP Software

At CSG we have created a proprietary software used throughout our company called CAP. This customizable auditing platform gives you transparency into how your facilities are being serviced. CAP drives accountability by giving our customers visibility to our service blueprints, visualize our performance, and provide feedback.

CAP is a tool we use to drive results and return tangible data to support our services and high standards. You have high expectations, our CAP software helps CSG meet and exceed those expectations! 

Our Services

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