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Our best tips for finding commercial tenants

Our best tips for finding commercial tenants
Ensuring that their property is full of commercial tenants is the goal of any good property manager. Depending on the property’s location, the economy, current events, the market, or any other number of factors, this job can be challenging.

There are a few things you can do to attract commercial tenants to your property, despite the issues of the outside world.

know your audience

First things first, you need to know your target market. Who is your building intended to serve? If you are going to do some renovations, who would you like at attract with those renovations?

Here are just a few prospective tenants:

  • Medical Offices
  • Accountants
  • Law Offices
  • Insurance Businesses
  • Financial Services
  • Architectural Firms
  • Business offices

Whether you are deciding who your building is already equipped to attract or who you could attract if you made some changes, a little market research can never go amiss. Begin by looking at your current tenants. What kind of businesses are in your building? How have you retained them, and how can you further your efforts to do so? Remember, the keys to retaining tenants are communication and ease.

Maintain an open line of communication with your tenants. Is there going to be a water outage thanks to work being done by the city? Do you have a contractor coming in to do some work that might make some noise? These are things they’d like to know ahead of time. Don’t forget that communication goes two ways. When they communicate important things to you, you need to respond quickly.

Making your tenants’ life easier with online bill pay or providing quick ways to get in touch when there are maintenance issues are both things that tenants will appreciate— and they might even stay in your building to continue enjoying these perks. Try to think of more ways you can ease the experience of the tenants in your building.

You can also offer your tenants referral rewards. Business professionals are always networking. If your tenants love their building and hear of another company looking to move into new offices, they are likely to recommend their building if they love it. They’ll be even more willing to make that recommendation if they know a reward will follow it.

The following are some great ways you can quickly make changes to attract the type of commercial tenants you want.

fiber optic internet

Fiber optic internet is the fastest internet option you have. If you want to attract the best commercial tenants possible, you need to offer internet of the highest caliber. In this digital world, your tenants likely spend a lot of time on the internet for daily work, presentations, and any number of other things. They need to know they have access to the best there is.


This is a feature that any type of commercial tenant will appreciate, particularly law firms, accounting firms, and medical offices. They have sensitive documents that they want to ensure will never be at risk in their building. When you’re advertising your facility, make sure security is featured prominently. If you plan to make any upgrades, security is always a good place to start.

modern look

No matter the type of business, if your facility looks run down and shabby— or even just outdated— you probably won’t attract as many commercial tenants as you want. The look of your building, inside and out, is more important than ever before. Consider an exterior facelift. Walk around your area and look at the exterior of other buildings like yours. Take note of the modern buildings. These are the buildings good commercial tenants want.

The same goes for the inside of your building, especially the shared spaces. The lobby should be clean, modern, and inviting. The hallways and doors to the offices should look professional. Consider offering shared spaces, a feature that appeals to many modern businesses. You could also add conference rooms that everyone can use. There might be a dining area and kitchen the offices can use for company lunches. Onsite childcare and work out facilities are also a huge attraction to commercial tenants.

Your facility needs to be modern inside and out, not just in appearance, but also in what has to offer. Plan features that other facilities don’t offer. Look for what can give you an edge.

parking and local amenities

With so many smaller cities and towns revitalizing their downtown area, parking has become a bigger and bigger attraction, even outside of the city. If your building has a designated parking area or garage, you’ll attract more commercial tenants.

Look around your area and see what amenities are available. If you seek to attract a professional clientele, you might mention that you have a dry cleaner within walking distance for their employees who wear business wear each day. Excellent restaurants just a short distance from the office might be a big draw for businesses who routinely treat clients to lunch. Are you close to the highway for ease of access? Make note of that on your brochures.

Listing your amenities might give your building the edge it needs to gain more interest from commercial tenants.

keep it clean

You don’t want your prospective commercial tenants to walk into your lobby and see scuff marks on the floor, handprints on the doors, debris blown in, or dirty floors. You want them to know when their clients walk through the doors, they will be impressed by the building’s overall appearance.

Hiring the right commercial cleaning company is a great step toward attracting the best commercial tenants to your building. CSG has 40 branches across the country with over 1500 locations served. We are here for you— no matter where you are— ready to keep your building looking its best. Contact our team today to get your free quote on janitorial services, carpet cleaning services, and more for your commercial building.

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